Dedicating cellular infrastructure for aerial users

In recent years, aerial transportation has seen unprecedented advances since the terrestrial traffic congestion and the constraints of public transportation infrastructure. To become a reality, it is important to provide a strong and reliable connection for aerial users. However, the current cellular infrastructure is primarily designed to serve ground users with down-tilted antennas.

CTL researchers proposed to convert a part of the down-tilted BSs into up-tilted BSs to ensure the coverage of aerial users. The analysis and simulation results evaluated the effectiveness of this novel proposal which is able to increase the QoS of aerial users without lowering that of ground users. 

For more details, please refer to the attached video and the following publication:
Lin Chen, Mustafa A. Kishk, and Mohamed-Slim Alouini, "Dedicating Cellular Infrastructure for Aerial Users: Advantages and Potential Impact on Ground Users", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, published in early access, 2022.