DIY Challenge 2017 winner announcement

-By Francesca Serra

Congratulations to Daniel Hickox-Young, Luke Prestowitz of Northwestern University, and Ma Yukun of National University Singapore. The three are the proud winners of the DIY Electronics Innovation Challenge 2016 that was hosted by the KAUST-NSF Research Conference on Interactive Electronics. 

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The DIY Challenge was opened for international participants: to participate, the contestants need to develop an electronic device made with household recyclable materials and present the project in a 5-minute video.
Daniel Hickox-Young and Luke Prestowitz, of Northwestern University, won the challenge by demonstrating an electronic pen while Ma Yukun, of National University Singapore, presented a robotic engraving tool. "We were impressed by the creativity and simplicity of their approaches," The judging panel said, "We decided to reward these young innovators and wish them a bright future."
Here's Daniel Hickox and Luke Prestowitz's DIY's project video
The winners were awarded a trip to KAUST, where they had the chance to attend the KAUST-NSF Research Conference on Interactive Electronics, visit the University's facilities, the campus and to present their projects to The KAUST Schools (TKS).
The DIY Electronics Innovation Challenge 2017 is the first Do It Yourself Challenge organized by the Computer Electrical Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE) Division of KAUST and was co-sponsored by CEMSE Division, the KAUST Office of Sponsored Research, the KAUST Office of Graduate Affairs and the National Science Foundation.