Low voltage RF MEMS variable capacitor with linear CV response

Amro Elshurafa, et al., "Low voltage RF MEMS variable capacitor with linear CV response." Electronics letters 48 (7), 2012, 392..

An RF MEMS variable capacitor, fabricated in the PolyMUMPS process and tuned electrostatically, possessing a linear capacitance-voltage response is reported. The measured quality factor of the device was 17 at 1 GHz, while the tuning range was 1.2:1 and was achieved at an actuation DC voltage of 8 V only. Further, the linear regression coefficient was 0.98. The variable capacitor was created such that it has both vertical and horizontal capacitances present. As the top suspended plate moves towards the bottom fixed plate, the vertical capacitance increases whereas the horizontal capacitance decreases simultaneously such that the sum of the two capacitances yields a linear capacitance-voltage relation.