AirGo - Advancing Urban Air Quality Monitoring

A Hybrid Mobile-Stationary Approach


AirGo offers a cutting-edge solution to urban weather monitoring and air pollution challenges. Equipped with advanced sensors, self-powered weather stations strategically collect crucial atmospheric data like temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and gas concentrations. This real-time information empowers city planners, administrators, and emergency services to make informed decisions for ventilation, emergency responses, city design, and environmental impact assessment.

This technology has had the privilege of curating a collection of significant publications, including the paper "Advancing Urban Air Quality Monitoring: A Hybrid Mobile-Stationary Approach." published in IEEE Sensors 2023, Sensor Networks and IoT. Additionally, the project has demonstrated its expertise at the IEEE Sensors 2023, Live Demonstration of Sensors and Sensing Technologies with a "Live Demonstration: Mobile Environmental Monitoring System" further solidifying its position as a leader in the realm of cutting-edge technological solutions for environmental assessment and management.


Presenting our real-time dashboard providing continuous updates on the environmental conditions in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.*

Click here to explore the live data.

*Disclaimer: The values and graphs presented by this environmental monitoring system are intended solely for research purposes. They do not constitute official data and should not be used for decision-making without verification from authoritative sources.



This project was funded by  KAUST Climate and Livability Initiative.


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