Memristor-based relaxation oscillators using digital gates

Moustafa A. Khatib, et al., "Memristor-based relaxation oscillators using digital gates." In 2012 Seventh International Conference on Computer Engineering & Systems (ICCES), 2012, 98.

This paper presents two memristor-based relaxation oscillators. The proposed oscillators are designed without the need of any reactive elements, i.e., capacitor or inductor. As the "resistance storage" property of the memristor can be exploited to generate the oscillation. The proposed oscillators have the advantage that they can be fully integrated on-chip giving an area-efficient solution. Furthermore, these oscillators give higher frequency other than the existing reactance-less oscillator and provide a wider range of the resistance. The concept of operation and the mathematical analysis for the proposed oscillators are explained and verified with circuit simulations showing an excellent agreement.