Memristor Multi-Port Readout: A Closed-Form Solution for Sneak-Paths

Mohamed Zidan, et al., "Memristor multiport readout: A closed-form solution for sneak paths." IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 13 (20), 2014, 274.

In this paper, we introduce for the first time, a closed-form solution for the memristor-based memory sneak paths without using any gating elements. The introduced technique fully eliminates the effect of sneak paths by reading the stored data using multiple access points and evaluating a simple addition/subtraction on the different readings. The new method requires fewer reading steps compared to previously reported techniques, and has a very small impact on the memory density. To verify the underlying theory, the proposed system is simulated using Synopsys HSPICE showing the ability to achieve a 100% sneak-path error-free memory. In addition, the effect of quantization bits on the system performance is studied.