Tunable fractional-order capacitor using layered ferroelectric polymers

Agamyrat Agambayev, et al. "Tunable fractional-order capacitor using layered ferroelectric polymers." AIP Advances 7 (9), 2017, 095202.

Pairs of various Polyvinylidene fluoride P(VDF)-based polymers are used for fabricating bilayer fractional order capacitors (FOCs). The polymer layers are constructed using a simple drop casting approach. The resulting FOC has two advantages: It can be easily integrated with printed circuit boards, and its constant phase angle (CPA) can be tuned by changing the thickness ratio of the layers. Indeed, our experiments show that the CPA of the fabricated FOCs can be tuned within the range from -83° to -65° in the frequency band changing from 150 kHz to 10 MHz. Additionally, we provide an empirical formula describing the relationship between the thickness ratio and the CPA, which is highly useful for designing FOCs with the desired CPA.