Tutku's first paper accepted at Sensors And Actuators B: chemical

The present study describes the one-step synthesis of NiO nanosheets and successful surface modification of NiO nanosheets with Au NPs. This surface modification step is vital for an application (i.e., hydrazine sensing), where Au NPs enhance the surface area and provide synergistic effect during the electrocatalytic reaction. Better sensing performance, good reproducibility, cyclic stability, and selectivity confirms the reliable and promising application for hydrazine detection. The excellent electrocatalytic reaction for hydrazine demonstrates that these Au NPs modified NiO nanosheets can also be applied for other sensing applications.
More details:
Rafiq Ahmad, Tutku Bedük, Sanjit Manohar Majhi and Khaled Nabil Salama, One-step synthesis and gold nanoparticle decoration of nickel oxide nanosheets for hydrazine sensing application, Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, accepted 2019