Two-layer radio

Amro Elshurafa, et al., "Two-layer radio frequency MEMS fractal capacitors in PolyMUMPS for S-band applications." Micro & Nano Letters 7 (5), 2012, 419.

In this letter, we fabricate for the first time MEMS fractal capacitors possessing two layers and compare their performance characteristics with the conventional parallel-plate capacitor and previously reported state-of-the-art singlelayer MEMS fractal capacitors. Explicitly, a capacitor with a woven structure and another with an interleaved configuration were fabricated in the standard PolyMUMPS surface micromachining process and tested at S-band frequencies. The self-resonant frequencies of the fabricated capacitors were close to 10GHz, which is better than that of the parallel-plate capacitor which measured only 5.5 GHz. Further, the presented capacitors provided a higher capacitance when compared to the state-ofthe-art reported MEMS fractal capacitors created using a single layer at the expense of a lower quality factor.