Wearable Electronics: An Imperceptible Magnetic Skin

Abdullah S. Almansouri, et al., "An Imperceptible Magnetic Skin." Advanced Materials Technologies 4 (10), 2019, 1900493.

Flexible and wearable magnetoelectronics add intriguing new functionalities to natural perception. Of particular interest regarding these artificial skins are wireless sensing and touchless interactions. Biocompatibility and imperceptibility are the most significant features of devices attached to the bodies. A biocompatible magnetic skin is introduced. It offers extreme flexibility, stretchability (>300%), and is lightweight, while maintaining a remanent magnetization up to 360 mT. It is comfortable to wear, can be realized in any desired shape or color, and adds tunable permanent magnetic properties to the surface it is applied to. It provides remote control functions and is combined with magnetic sensors; it implements a complete wearable magnetic system. For example, eye tracking is realized by attaching the magnetic skin to the eyelid. The advantage that it does not require any wiring makes it an extremely viable solution for soft robotics and human–machine interactions. Wearing the magnetic skin on a finger or integrated into a glove allows for remote gesture control. This type of application opens the door to new control concepts, relevant for people with disabilities, sterile environments, or the consumer industry.