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Murilo Calil Faleiros is a Medical Physicist, currently a Bioengineering Ms/PhD student at Sensors Lab, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). His areas of focus include Organic Electronics, Organic Transistors, Biosensors and Device developments.

Education and Early Career

Murilo Calil Faleiros received his bachelor’s degree in Medical Physics from University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Research Interests

Murilo Calil Faleiros is interested in the development of devices for biomedical applications and organic electronics, such as organic field effect transistors and others biosensors. Also, he is interested in organic electronics for environmental and sustainable energy applications.

Selected Publications

Model improvement for super-Nernstian pH sensors: the effect of surface hydration

Gustavo Daniel M. Madeira, Hugo José N. P. Dias Mello, Murilo C. Faleiros & Marcelo Mulato.
Journal of Materials Science 56, 2738-2747(2021).