Radiofrequency systems are my main passion;
I know that there are endless questions still waiting to be answered in this field.
Sebastian Celis Ms/PhD Student, Electrical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Antennas.
  • GPR.
  • Radars
  • Distribution Systems.
  • Smart Grids.
  • 5G


Building 3, Level 3, Seaside 3255-WS14

Education Profile

  • Bachelor in Power Engineering – March 2018
  • Bachelor in Electronics Engineering- March 2018

Education and early career

Sebastian received his bachelor’s degrees with Honors in Power Engineering and Electronics Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. He recently joined the Sensors Lab in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to work on RF systems for communications, under the supervision of the honorable Professor Khaled Salama.

Sebastian worked previously in the MEDICI Humanitarian Demining Program in Colombia. The idea of using technology to improve people’s live is what motivates him to continue his studies.

Research Interests

Sebastian's main research interests are focused in the use of RF signals for communication and radar applications. On the other hand, as a power engineer smart grids and power distribution techniques are part of his interests.