Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) emerges as a guiding force in the turbulent sea of data-driven domains, from energy to health. This talk presents a methodology that harnesses UQ for robust renewable energy forecasting, employing a stochastic differential equation model that sails beyond the challenges of wind and solar predictability.

The Edinburgh Mathematical Society (EMS), established in 1883 as a cornerstone of the Scottish Mathematical Sciences community, will host an invited lecture by Prof. Raúl Tempone. Holding the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Chair of Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification, Prof.

In an exciting development, two StochNum students Saifeddine ben Naamia and Eliza Rezvanova , have been granted the opportunity to explore KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and collaborate with esteemed academics. This international endeavor aims to foster academic exchange and enrich their knowledge.