Seven IVUL members recognized as Outstanding Reviewers by CVPR 2021

CVPR 2021 recognized seven members of IVUL as Outstanding Reviewers.

The 2021 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) has granted Outstanding Reviewer awards to seven members of IVUL: Alejandro Pardo, Ali Thabet, Chen Zhao, Mattia Soldan, Mengmeng Xu, Juan C. Pérez, and Silvio Giancola.

CVPR, a premier annual computer vision event that will take place virtually from June 19th to June 25th, is the largest computer vision conference in the world, gathering researchers from academia and industry alike. The peer-review process through which the conference determines acceptance of papers relies on expert reviewers from across the world. From the pool of reviewers, CVPR selects the top-performing reviewers and recognizes them with Outstanding Reviewer awards. For this year's conference, seven of these awards were granted to members from IVUL.

As a group we congratulate our members for their well-deserved award and we thank them for contributing to the valuable peer-review process of such an important venue.

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