VCC Expertise



The expertise of the KAUST Visual Computing Center spans the full range of visual computing topics, from imaging devices to visualization:

  • Computational Imaging Algorithms and Devices, including computational imaging and computational displays.

  • Image Understanding and Analysis, with classical computer vision topics such as geometry reconstruction, segmentation, object detection, and action recognition.

  • Geometric Modeling and Design, including computer graphics, discrete geometry, and architectural design.

  • Physical Simulation and Measurement, such as computational  simulation of fluids and solids; 

  • Large-Scale Visualization, including systems challenges for real-time rendering of large datasets, interaction metaphors, and automatic analysis of areas of interest.

  • Theoretical Foundations, such as machine learning, numerical optimization, and solvers for partial differential equations.  


Application Areas

While we apply this expertise to a wide range of topics in Visual Computing, the center has four themes of more focused activity, which include topics of particular relevance to KAUST and Saudi Arabia: