Yu-Chou Chiang is a researcher investigating the interrelation between structural design, digital fabrication, and assembly, working in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology at Visual Computing Center. Yu-Chou Chiang have joined group of Prof.Helmut Pottman in 2022.

Education and Early Career

Yu-Chou studied civil and hydraulic engineering for his bachelor's and master's degrees. After working as a research assistant in academia and junior engineer and structural designer in the industry, he started his PhD research on design and fabrication of membrane shells in the architecture faculty at Delft University of Technology.

Research Interest

Yu-Chou has worked on the form-finding for shell structures, flat-to-doubly-curved mechanisms, as well as visualization of 2D tensor fields. Recently, he is utilizing parametrized surfaces for designing shell structures.

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests

  • membrane shell
  • form-finding
  • reconfigurable mechanisms
  • architectural geometry
  • structural design


Selected Publications

Chiang, Y.-C. (2022). Maxwell-Rankine Stress Functions of Membrane Shells and Their Relation to That of Planar Funicular Gridshells. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 252, Article 111768
Chiang, Y.-C. & Borgart, A. (2022). A form-finding method for membrane shells with radial basis functions. Engineering Structures, 151, Article 133514
Chiang. Y.-C., Buskermolen, P. & Borgart, A. (2021). Discretized Airy stress function and body forces. Proceedings of Advances in Architectural Geometry 2020. Champs-sur-Marne, France
Chiang, Y.-C. (2019). Programming rlat-to-synclastic reconfiguration. archiDOCT, 6(2)