AI4GH Seminar Series - D3 System: Drug-Drug Interaction Discovery and Demystification

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B 2, Room 5220


Contemporary drug-drug interactions  (DDIs)  research offers a  clinically impactful opportunity to identify  DDIs prior  to their occurrence;  however,  the clinical utility of current  DDI  identification systems have,  to date,  been greatly limited by the inability to accurately and concisely identify their pathway of interaction for the vast lists of identified computationally and clinically valid DDIs. Development of a method to discover the mechanisms of action of identified DDIs is crucial to effectively inform strategies for their prevention. In this talk, I will describe an integrative approach to DDIs mechanisms of action identification using semantic web technologies. Semantic Web is not only useful for domain analysis but can also be used to inform strategies for DDIs prevention. I will show how this approach can be useful for clinicians and researchers to gain some foresight into the likelihoods and causes of DDIs.

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KAUST CEMSE CS BORG Visitng Professor Adeeb Noor

Adeeb Noor is an assistant professor in the faculty of computing and information technology at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah and a visiting professor in CBRC, KAUST. He is also the CEO of a company, RAY for Innovation and Intelligent Solutions for IT and Business. His work areas include healthcare transformations and personalized medicine. 

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