Aerospace Systems Research at KAUST, an uplifting experience

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Aerospace Engineering is the source of much dreaming and worrying in most people's imagination. As such, it constitutes a marvelous support for the development and application of numerous disciplines, chief among them are aerodynamics, structures, flight and orbital mechanics. With time however, information technologies are progressively becoming the costliest activity within the aerospace engineering systems design phase. Indeed, they stand as the core elements of avionics systems, airline operations, air traffic control, spacecraft engineering, and planetary exploration, among others. Such subjects have been bringing much joy and teaching many lessons to your speaker for the past 30 years and will keep doing so, hopefully, for the next three decades.

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Eric Feron is Professor of Electrical Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Prior to leaving Georgia Tech where he taught for a while, Feron was a tenured faculty at MIT’s department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Eric Feron’s interests are using fundamental concepts of control systems, optimization and computer science to address important problems in aerospace and transportation engineering, such as air transportation, aerial robotics, software and system certification, and human-machine interaction. Feron holds licenses to operate vehicles in the air, on the ground, on water, and underwater.

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