KAUST Masterclass: Semiconductor Photonics

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Semiconductor Photonics is an immersive master class that explores the cutting-edge field of advanced optoelectronics and its diverse applications. This class brings together experts and enthusiasts to delve into the forefront of research and innovation in semiconductor photonics. Key topics include Semiconductor Laser-Based Lighting and Visible Light Communications, Artificial Intelligent Optoelectronics Hardware for Neuromorphic Computing, Optoelectronic Micro-Devices for Novel AR and VR Displays, and Integrated Silicon Photonics. By covering these varied areas, the class offers a comprehensive understanding of semiconductor photonics and its implications in information technology, healthcare, computing, and beyond.

Join us in this immersive masterclass to gain insights into the forefront of semiconductor photonics research, explore the latest advancements, and uncover the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the world of advanced optoelectronics.

For more information about the masterclass and to register, visit the KAUST Masterclass: Semiconductor Photonics website.

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