Ahmed Alfadhel wins the 2016 Edition of MIT Arab Innovators Under 35

On April 14, the "Innovator under 35 in the Arab World" prize - an award scheme organized by the MIT Technology Review Arab Edition - was bestowed on Ahmed Alfadhel, a PhD candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Computer Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division, at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

The MIT Technology Review has been reporting on important technologies and innovators since 1899, and it is published in 7 languages across 14 regions.

The award featured five judges in different science and technology fields as well as an editorial committee that selected the five official winners of this year's competition on Thursday 14 of April at the 'Time to Invest in Arab Youth and Their Innovations' Conference.

Ahmed Alfadhel is a researcher at the sensing, magnetism and microsystems group led by Prof. Jurgen Kosel. Ahmed received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, US in 2010, and a master's degree in electrical engineering from KAUST in 2012. 

His research interests are in the fields of nano-engineering, wearable sensors, and magnetic micro-systems. His most recent work has focused on developing bio-inspired sensors that mimic the touch capability of human skin. 

Ahmed recently co-founded SONATE, a start-up company that manufactures high-quality smart nanomaterials for medical, electronics and energy applications.  

Watch Ahmed Alfadhel's presentation at "Time to Invest in Arab Youth and Their Innovations"