Paper accepted in Optics Letters & Ranked in “Top Downloads” during April-June 2021!

The paper reports the device performances of the red/green micro-LEDs. The micro-LEDs have recently gathered considerable interest for next-generation display applications, such as smartphones and watches, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) devices.   ​ ​

[Abstract] We investigated the performance of InGaN-based red/green micro-light-emitting diodes (µLEDs) ranging from 98×98 to 17×17 µm2. The average forward voltage at 10 A/cm2 was independent of the dimension of µLEDs. Red µLEDs exhibited a larger blue-shift of the peak wavelength (~35 nm) and broader full-width at half maximum (>50 nm) at 2 to 50 A/cm2 compared to green µLEDs. We demonstrated that 47×47 µm2 red µLEDs had an on-wafer external quantum efficiency of 0.36% at the peak wavelength of 626 nm, close to the red primary color defined in the recommendation 2020 standard.