His first authored paper "InGaN-based green micro-LED efficiency enhancement by hydrogen passivation of the p-GaN sidewall, Appl. Phys. Expres 15 (2022) 084003" has been selected for the JSAP Young Scientist Award! The JSAP Young Scientist Award is presented to young researchers who have mainly authored excellent papers that are expected to contribute to the progress of applied physics.
Cesur received the Best Student Award at ICNS-14 in Japan. He has a great opportunity to showcase his research on "InGaN Red LEDs Fabricated by Hydrogen Plasma Passivation ". The 14th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS-14) is the biggest conference that presents high-impact scientific and technological advances in materials and devices in group-III nitride semiconductors.
We report the growth of N-polar InGaN layers on misoriented ScAlMgO4 (SAM) substrates with offset of 0.3 to 5.8o toward the m-plane. We obtained an unprecedented crystalline quality of N-polar InGaN using SAM substrates with a 0.5o offset, which exhibited a 000-2 X-ray rocking curve full width at half maximum value of 223 arcsec.
We present results from a study addressing the unbiased water-splitting process and its side reactions on n-GaN-based photoelectrodes decorated with NiOx, FeOx, and CoOx nanoparticles. A water-splitting process with n-GaN-based photoelectrodes results in the generation of hydrogen gas and hydrogen peroxide. Quantification of the water-splitting chemical mechanism gave numerical values indicating an increase in the device performance and restriction of the n-GaN electrocorrosion with surface modifications of n-GaN structures.
we have demonstrated the potential of InGaN-based red micro-LEDs with single quantum well (SQW) structure for visible light communication applications. The LED device has a superior modulation bandwidth of 424 MHz with a data transmission rate of 800 Mbit/s at an injection current density of 2000 A/cm2. These results demonstrate that InGaN-based SQW red micro-LEDs hold great promise for realizing full-color micro-display and visible light communication applications.