Paper accepted in Phys. Status Solidi A!


A selective passivation of p-GaN via hydrogen plasma treatment for
InGaN single-quantum-well (SQW) red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is reported.
Insulating regions are formed on the p-GaN top surface via hydrogen plasma
treatment, suppressing current injection beneath the p-pad and along the mesa
perimeter to increase light output and mitigate non-radiative recombination. The
fabricated LEDs demonstrate a high on-wafer light output power density of
>88mW cm2, a peak on-wafer external quantum efficiency of 0.65%, and onwafer
wall-plug efficiency of 0.41% with a 645 nm peak emission wavelength at
10 mA (7.2 A cm2) current injection. Further, the temperature dependence of
InGaN SQW red LEDs is compared with their AlGaInP counterparts. InGaN SQW
red LEDs exhibit a high characteristic temperature of 208 K and a small redshift
coefficient of 0.072 nm K1 at 72 A cm2 current injection, which are almost 3
and 2 times better than the characteristics of AlGaInP red LEDs, respectively.