Non-Terrestrial Networks: Opportunities and Challenges


Next-generation wireless networks are envisioned to break the boundaries of the current terrestrial-based networks and fully adopt the Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs). NTN components are evolving to become an integral part of the future B5G and 6G wireless networks.  It is growing in importance owing to its ability to offer “anything, anytime, anywhere” connectivity, thus “connecting the unconnected”.
This session will first outlie the 3GPP updates on non-terrestrial networks.
Next, the session will address the opportunities and challenges of the NTN including deployments, architecture, and channel modelling. Finally, CITC’s efforts towards enabling the NTN will be highlighted.

Brief Biography

Abdulah Aljohani (Senior Member, IEEE) received his B.Sc (Eng.) degree (Hons.) in electronics and communication engineering from King Abdulaziz University, in 2006, and M.Sc. (Distinction) and Ph.D. degrees, in wireless communication from University of Southampton, Southampton, U.K., in 2010 and 2016, respectively.

He is currently a Research & Innovation Consultant at Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), an Associate Professor with the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, and a research associate at the Center of Excellence in Intelligent Engineering Systems, King Abdulaziz University.

His research interests include spectrum management techniques, 6G, Non-Terrestrial Networks, channel coding, cooperative communications, and MIMO systems. He has published over 40 articles and has granted 13 U.S. patents. He has won more than 10 research grants and multiple innovation and best paper awards.

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