We have full access to the core lab facilities of KAUST offering cutting-edge instrumentations for material characterization and extensive facilities of micro and nanofabrication. Those facilities are supported and maintained by excellent and experienced scientists, engineers and technicians to make full use.  


The Nanofabrication Core Lab (NCL) 

The Nanofabrication Core Lab consists of world-class lab space, including 2,000 square meters of cleanroom facilities, a microfluidics lab, and a thin film deposition lab. Our Cleanroom service areas include metrology and bonding; etching; deposition and thermal processing and lithography and mask making. In the lab, users fabricate and characterize a wide variety of structures and devices at the nano- and micro-scale for many applications, such as laser diodes, bio-sensors, solar cells, super-capacitors, transistors, flexible electronics, spintronic devices, and others. Our microfluidics facility offers various fabrication techniques, measuring, sensing, and platforms for experiments specific to the field's latest developments. The Thin Films Lab has various physical and chemical vapor deposition and characterization facilities to support fundamental and applied research. We offer film thicknesses ranging from a few monolayers to hundreds of nanometers.

Visit the Nanofabrication Core Lab webpage here for more: https://corelabs.kaust.edu.sa/labs/detail/nanofabrication-core-lab


The Imaging & Characterization Core Lab (IAC)

The Imaging & Characterization Core Lab delivers a broad array of capabilities in imaging, structure, and spectroscopy characterization include: electron microscopy; nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; physical characterization; optical microscopy; and surface science.

Visit the Imaging & Characterization Core Lab here for more: https://corelabs.kaust.edu.sa/labs/detail/imaging-and-characterization-core-lab


Collaborations with ​semiconductor material growers 

We have close collaborations with ​semiconductor material growers working with MBE and MOCVD in KAUST, and international collaborators in UCSB and HKUST


Integrated Photonics lab

Our lab is well-equipped with photonic and optoelectronic device characterization probe stations and measurement facilities.

Check the photo gallery of our lab here.