CMOS operational transresistance amplifier for analog signal processing

Proposed CMOS realization of the OTRA.

K.N. Salama, A.M. Soliman

Microelectronics Journal, Volume 30, Issue 3, March 1999, Pages 235-2454)  

Abstract: A new CMOS realization of the Operational Transresistance Amplifier (OTRA) is introduced. The properties of the OTRA are shown to be suitable for VLSI applications employing MOS transistors operating in the ohmic region. Applications of the OTRA in realizing voltage amplifiers, multipliers, integrators, continuous time filters and a quadrature oscillator are presented. Voltage mode filters that benefit from the current processing capabilities at the input terminals of the OTRA are presented. A detailed analysis taking the effect of the finite transresistance gain into consideration is provided. Both passive compensation and self-compensation of the proposed circuits are presented. The effectiveness of the proposed circuits is demonstrated through PSpice simulations based on the AMI 1.2 μm N-well level 3 parameters.