KAUST launches the call for Al-Khwarizmi doctoral fellowships

KAUST announces the opening of sixteen (16) fully subsidized Ph.D. fellowships, aimed at European candidates, in the following academic divisions:

Successful applicants to the Al-Khwarizmi Graduate Fellowship scheme will be offered generous stipends, free tuition and supplementary grants for Ph.D. studies in an academic program within one of the three divisions. All positions will be based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the three-year completion of the doctoral degree.

Named after Al-Khwarizmi, the ninth century Middle Eastern mathematician known as "the father of algebra" who introduced algebra and Arabic numerals to European mathematicians, the fellowship invites students who either hold a Master of Science (MSc) degree or the equivalent, or are in the final year of their MSc studies. Applicants should be nationals or residents of one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe. The applications will be evaluated in an independent review process managed by the European Science Foundation (ESF).

Applications, including formal documents and research proposals, must be submitted in English before 22 January 2021, 17:00 CET. The detailed description of the fellowship terms and eligibility requirements are outlined here.

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