Meet KAUST Prospective Student: Isaías de Sousa

Ph.D. student Isaías de Sousa, KAUST.
-By Taruna Rapaka

Isaías de Sousa is an electrical engineering graduate from Brazil. He obtained his master's degree from the Federal University of Campina Grande and his bachelor's degree from the Federal University of Piauí, Brazil, respectively. Isaías will join KAUST in the fall of 2020 as a Ph.D. candidate in the KAUST Sensors Lab under Professor Khaled Nabil Salama's supervision.

What was your main subject during your master's degree? Why did you choose it?

My main subject during my masters was to design an integrated amplifier in CMOS technology. I choose this topic based on my interest in electronics, how transistors work and their purposes. I also had a great professor who spurred me to follow this area. These three factors had the same degree of importance in my decision to choose microelectronics as a research field.

Why have you chosen to study a Ph.D. at KAUST?

I have chosen KAUST to study my Ph.D. because it is a top university in the world. The University devotes great importance to research, innovation, theoretical and practical knowledge. It also supports its students with a unique laboratory structure and opportunities for self-enhancement. I genuinely believe it is not an exaggeration to state that KAUST delivers some of the world's top global professionals.

When did your interest in electrical engineering arise? What are your research interests?

I have consistently been an observer and an enthusiast for knowledge. What drives me most is the delight of comprehension. Electrical engineering provides a vast field of possibilities for comprehending things. Additionally, I've always seen electrical energy as intriguing, which gives rise to a great desire to understand what the human eye cannot see. Moreover, my father worked as an electrician in his spare time, which meant I grew up in a house full of resistors, capacitors and transistors. Finally, I think the analog world is excellent, and it’s the closest we can get to understanding nature.

What do you do in your spare time? What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about music, and I read a decent number of books (I enjoy how reading broadens our imagination). I also listen to podcasts, either technical or leisure-based ones.

What is your future outlook?

I am very excited about moving to Saudi Arabia and being a full-time student at KAUST. At KAUST, I see a great opportunity to self-enhancement, networking and to reach my most ambitious professional dreams. I see a big future of hard work, knowledge and excellent mentoring. Also, I envision a post-doc position in the future, hopefully at KAUST.

Can you give a piece of advice to students who plan to pursue a M.S./Ph.D. at KAUST?

If you are willing to put all of your effort toward significant research, KAUST is the right place for you. You will be supported in many ways and have the opportunity to work with top researchers.