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Bluetooth is useful wireless protocol that often acts as a replacement of data cable, and enables pairing and subsequent data sharing between two legitimate devices in the close proximity. 

In this project, we aim to establish an optical Bluetooth link to enable data sharing between a smartphone and a laptop. Specifically, we plan to turn the smartphone camera into a transmitter that will modulate the information bits (corresponding to some text, image, video data) and transmit them by means of its flash light. A custom android app will be developed for the said purpose. Next, we will design a simple photodetector circuit and connect it to an arduino/raspberry pi module in order to decode/detect the optical signal that utilizes the intensity modulation. We will vary the distance between the optical transmitter and receiver and a few other parameters in order to learn the performance trade-offs and fundamental limits of one such optical link. 


A research paper (conference/journal) and a demo.