Previous Research Projects

We are interested in generating anisotropic meshes in multiple dimensions; such meshes are utilized in the numerical solution of PDEs with methods like Finite Volumes or Finite Elements. The objective is to create a special mesh, satisfying certain geometrical properties, that is useful for the solution of a particular kind of PDEs.
Federated learning (FL) is a novel paradigm enabling distributed machine learning (ML) model training, while ensuring that training data remains on individual clients. The increasing need for privacy makes FL a highly promising method spearheading the future of ML. Although theoretically elegant, FL faces significant hurdles when it comes to real-world implementation.
Histological staining is the gold standard for tissue examination in clinical pathology and life-science research, which visualizes the tissue and cellular structures using chromatic dyes or fluorescence labels to aid the microscopic assessment of tissue. However, the current histological staining workflow requires tedious sample preparation steps, specialized laboratory infrastructure, and trained histotechnologists, making it expensive, time-consuming, and not accessible in resource-limited settings.
A Phonocardiogram (PCG) signal is the graphical representation of the heart sound recording that is obtained by placing a stethoscope on the patient’s chest. Since the PCG signal is highly correlated with the Electrocardiogram (ECG), it is imperative to analyze the relationship between the two waveforms.