Previous Research Projects

Energy consumption is vital to the global costs of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). With the increase of installed WWTPs worldwide, the modeling and forecast of their energy consumption have become a critical factor in WWTP design to meet environmental and economic requirements.

Accurate prediction of wind power is important in sustainably integrating wind power in a smart grid. The goal of this project is to design an efficient approach for Wind Power Prediction using machine learning models.

Accurate forecasting of COVID-19 spread plays an essential role in improving the management of the overcrowding problem in hospitals and enables appropriate optimization of the available resources (i.e., materials andstaff). The goal of this project is to apply deep learning methods (e.g., LSTM, BiLSTM) for COVID-19 transmission forecasting.

The micro-LED displays are the next-generation displays for AR and VR. A key technology is the development of InGaN-based red LEDs instead of the current InGaP-based red LEDs. We have achieved the red LEDs, but these are required to improve their efficiency and narrower FWHMs. The SSI student will develop the novel LEDs together with our members.