Acoustics with a spin: A new paradigm for acoustic metamaterials, scattering, and propagation of sound

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B9, L2, R2325, H2


When pressure acoustic waves interact with rotating scatterers, they undergo peculiar and intriguing characteristics. In this talk, I will discuss our recent findings on the physics of acoustic scattering and propagation in spinning fluids.

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Mohamed Farhat is currently a Research Scientist at KAUST, in the group of Prof. Ying Wu. He received his Ph.D. in Optics and Electromagnetism from Aix-Marseille University where he obtained as well his Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics. His Ph.D. dissertation was titled by “Metamaterials for Harmonic and Biharmonic Cloaking and Superlensing.” He has authored over 100 publications. His research lies in the fields of plasmonics and metamaterials with applications spanning optical and acoustical waves.

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