A Posteriori Error Estimation and Adaptivity for Elliptic Interface Problems


In this short course we will introduce some elements in deriving the hp a posteriori error estimate for a high order unfitted finite element method for elliptic interface problems. The key ingredient is an hp domain inverse estimate, which allows us to prove a sharp lower bound of the hp a posteriori error estimator.

Brief Biography

Prof. Zhiming Chen earned his bachelor's degree from Nanjing University in 1986, a master's degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1989, and a doctoral degree from the University of Augsburg in 1992. He is currently a full professor at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
His research spans numerical analysis and scientific computing, with significant contributions in adaptive finite element methods, multiscale finite element methods for fluid problems in inhomogeneous porous media, the perfectly matched layer method for wave-propagation problems in unbounded domains, and the source-transfer domain decomposition method for high-frequency scattering problems.
He received the Feng Kang Scientific Computing Prize in 2001, the Second National Natural Science Prize in 2009, and the Shiing S. Chern Mathematics Award in 2015. He was elected as a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017 and became a SIAM Fellow in 2022. He was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid, Spain, in 2006.