Abstract Writing


This series of lectures guide students to the preparation and analysis of a well-organized abstract. We will discuss the proper language (tense, voice, and person) for abstract writing, and learn how to meet the purposes of different abstracts. Finally, students will have a chance to compose and evaluate their writing.

  1. Overview of abstract writing
  2. Conference abstract journal abstract
  3. Organization of an abstract
  4. Language conventions of abstract writing
  5. Disciplinary abstract analysis
  6. Frequent mistakes of abstract writing

Brief Biography

Liching (Livy) Chiu, currently an assistant professor of Graduate Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) at National Taiwan University. Livy generally lectures on three different courses in the graduate program at NTU, and advises five to seven MA students each semester. Her academic interests include: Chinese Syntax in the perspective of Generative Grammar, Bilingualism, TCSL, and Syntax of Chinese dialects. Except for her academic career, she is also a devoted mother of a ten-year-old boy.