A robust HOSM control method for robotic systems


Robotics is set to play an ever increasingly important role in society, due to its influence in every aspect of life, including medicine and healthcare, manufacturing, services..etc

Due to the complex dynamics of robotic systems, there exist several challenges related to the ability to interpret their environment, and accurately control their motion, particularly when the environment is prone to uncertainty or complexity.

Nonlinear control methods have been applied to a broad spectrum of problems in various engineering and technological disciplines. In particular, sliding mode control (SMC) has been widely used for the control of several nonlinear systems. Compared to first order approaches, high order sliding modes have the advantage of reducing the chattering phenomenon, which affects the control inputs and can damage the system actuators.

In this talk, I will present robust control methods for robotic system control. Specifically, a novel approach on high order sliding mode control will be applied to a robotic system.

Brief Biography

Dr. Fatma Abdelhedi is an assistant professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, at the College of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. Her research interests include robotics, networked systems and control systems.  She has worked on topics in the intersection of above areas. Previously, Dr. Fatma held academic positions at Sfax University, Tunisia and had worked on a Post-doctoral project in the field of robotics.

She is the author and the co-author of more than 20 papers published in international journals, conferences and books. She was a scientific member in several international journals and conferences.

Dr. Fatma received the Electrical Engineering Diploma in 2011, the Master degree in Electrical Engineering in 2012, and the PhD degree in the same field in April 2016 from the National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia.