Wearable antennas, 3D-Printed RF Materials and Metamaterials Research

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This talk will introduce Loughborough University and show some of the Engineering research and facilities. The talk will then focus on the research of Dr. Whittow and his colleagues at Loughborough University. This will include wearable antennas, inkjet printing, RFID tags, 3d-printing and metamaterials. The work will include some results from SYMETA which is a $7 million project to develop RF-devices. 

Brief Biography

Dr. Will Whittow FHEA SMIEEE is a Reader in Radiofrequency Materials in the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University, UK. He has been awarded £12M in research income and has authored more than 210 publications on topics related to antennas, metamaterials and 3D-Printing RF Materials. His h-index is 22 He has been invited to present 14 international conference talks; to lecture at the European School of Antennas (2015, 2019). He is an Associate Editor of Electronics Letters.

Refreshments: Light snacks will be provided.

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