The Camp comprises a core of hands-on cutting-edge research projects in various areas of modern electronics, accompanied by workshops and technical training in use of state-of-the-art and emerging technologies like Integrated Circuits (ICs), inkjet printing, 3D printing and self-assembly. The following research areas will be covered by leading scholars and experts:

  • CMOS Technlogy
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Various printing technologies applicable to electronics
  • Antenna design and fabrication
  • Sensor design and fabrication
Week 1: Orientation, Welcome and Technical Training

On arrival at KAUST you will receive a welcome event and orientation.

In the first week you will also be required to undertake some Technical Training and safety traning to prepare you fully for your work.

During the first week you will also receive information about KAUST and some training on Patenting.

Week 2: Research project

Your week will begin with some mind mapping to and brainstorming. You be invited to discussions around business Start-Up and learn more in depth about 3D and laser technology.

Later in the week your idea will become more concrete and you will begin to plan the building of your electronic device.

Week 3: Research project

In week 3 you will begin to assemble your electronic device.

Later in the week, you will spend some time testing the device.

At this stage you mentor will give you some feedback on your progress.

Week 4: Presentations

In week 4 you will receive a mentor session in order to help prepare you for showcasing your electronic device to the public. This week will be the final chance for optimization of your electronic device and the Winter Camp will end with a mini-conference and showcase to the KAUST academic and general community.

The Winter Camp will be demanding and has some tangible outcomes at the end. Around 40 hours per week will be allocated for your projects. 

Technical Training:

The KAUST mandatory (safety) training for research work include:

    Personal and Lab Safety
    Hans-on Electronics Assembly

Resources you will have access to:

ICs, PCBs, Polymers, Papers, Epoxy, Multimeter, 3D printer, laser cutter, PCB designer