KAUST Microelectronics Winter Camp is a 6-week research program aiming to develop the practical and creative skills of undergraduate and Master's students from all around the globe.

Participating students actively lead a research project which focuses on key areas of microelectronics research mentored by leading scholars and experts.

The camp includes:

  • Hands-on, cutting-edge research projects in various areas of modern electronics.
  • Workshops and technical training in the use of state-of-the-art and emerging technologies such as Integrated Circuits (ICs), Inkjet Printing, 3D Printing, and Self-assembly.
  • Designing a gadget prototype based on the assigned project.
  • Side workshops such as Research Skills and E-poster training.
  • E-poster competition at the end of the program.
  • Social events.

Program (MEWC 2024): 

*The program is subject to change.

Week 1

January 20 – 27 

Mapping out
the development of the gadget

  • Arrival
  • Orientation and welcome lunch
  • Meeting the faculty and getting briefed on the research project
  • Mapping out the development of the gadget
  • Campus tour
  • Lab Safety training

Week 2
January 28 – February 3

Developing the gadget

  • Developing the gadget
  • Project-related/lab work 
  • Core lab tour
  • Technical Training Demos
  • Social Event

Week 3
February 4 – 10

Developing the gadget

  • Continuing the gadget development
  • Project-related/lab work 

Week 4
February 11 – 17

Assembling and testing
the gadget

  • Assembling and testing the gadget
  • Project-related/lab work
  • E-poster Training sessions
  • Designing the e-poster
  • Dinner with the CEMSE Dean’s Office
  • Social Event

Week 5
February 18 – 24

Optimizing the gadget

  • Optimizing the gadget
  • Project-related/lab work

Week 6
February 25 – March 1

Presenting the gadget

  • Project-related/lab work 
  • E-poster submission deadline
  • E-poster showcase
  • Departure