Photonics has revolutionized the 21st century technologies. It enables new superior tools in areas ranging from medicine to communications to clean energy, which comes with outstanding career and employment opportunities for young scientists and engineers. This 4-week summer camp is to expose the participating students to the frontiers of photonics research.

Summer Camp Program

The Camp comprises a well-designed mix of workshops, technical training and hands-on cutting-edge research projects in use of state-of-the-art nanofabrication and imaging facilities. You will work on an individual research project with the opportunity to showcase your work at the end of the camp. 

Week 1: Orientation, Welcome and Technical Training

On arrival at KAUST you will receive a welcome event and orientation. In the first week you may also be required to undertake some Technical Training to prepare you fully for your work in the lab.

Week 2-4: Research project

You will work with a Faculty member, and their research team (Including students, post-docs and Research Scientists) on a pre-determined Research Project.

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Week 4: Showcase Workshops

Showcase your research work to the Division.

Further Details Technical Training and Research Projects

Technical Training:

The KAUST mandatory (safety) training for research work in the nanofabrication and imaging facilities include:

  1. Lab Safety Training

  2. Hazardous Waste Training

  3. Particularly Hazardous Substance

  4. Emergency Incident Preparedness Training

There are also Photonics-Laboratory-specific safety training which is required to address the potential hazards presence in Photonics Lab. These are:

  5. Laser Safety Training

  6. Hydrofluoric Acid Training

  7. UV Safety Training

  8. Liquid Nitrogen Training

  9. Compressed Gas Cylinder

  10. Photonics lab safety walk through