Full Name: Aizhan Issatayeva
E-mail: aizhan.issatayeva@nu.edu.kz 
Name of University: Nazarbayev University
Degree Major: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bachelor Degree
Research Interests: Data Center Networks, Fiber Bragg Grating sensors
Citizenship: Kazakhstan
Hobbies: Football, tennis
Name of Faculty sponsor at KAUST: Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Research project at KAUST: Data Center Networks
Length of time at KAUST: Photonics Summercamp (4 weeks) + research extension, total time was 3 months
How were the academic facilities at KAUST?
There was incredible Up-to-date academic facilities and labs.  It is easier to obtain access to the facilities for students at KAUST than in any other University. I have worked with a top Professor in the Communication field and I had an opportunity to become familiar with different research directions. 
What did you like most about the Summer Camp?
It was a very interesting program and a great opportunity to meet international students. I found it easy to settle in to KAUST and we had the chance to go snorkeling, and visit other parts of Saudi Arabia. 
Would you recommend KAUST?
Yes, it was very useful and such an interesting experience. I have applied to study at KAUST for my Master degree.

Full Name: María José Peláez Soní
E-mail: tipipelaez@msn.com
Citizenship: Mexico
Hobbies: Rowing, cooking, cinema
Name of University: Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
Degree Major: Engineering Physics
Research Interests: Medical Physics, Bio Physics
Faculty Sponsor: Andrea Fratalocchi
Research project at KAUST: Stem cell differentiation
What experience did you gain during the Summer Camp? 
I learned some new lab techniques and lots of information about the topic. I would recommend the camp. It is an amazing opportunity to have an introduction to research and an incredible opportunity to know a different culture such as Saudi Arabia. It was easy to settle in to life at KAUST, I liked most the students and the professors I met and we also had the opportunity to visit Jeddah, attend a Desert Camp and Go Snorkeling in the Red Sea.