For approximately 3-4 weeks you will actively lead on a research project which will focus on Key areas of photonics research and which will be mentored by leading scholars and experts.

When you apply for the Photonics Summercamp you will choose which three professors you would like to work with, and state them in preferential order. The research topics for each professor are outlined below and the profiles for the professors can be found on the "Hosting Faculty" tab.

Biophotonics:  Professor Carlo Liberale

  1. Optical tweezers
  2. High resolution 3D printing based on multi-photon processes
  3. Multi-photon microscopy
  4. Label-free microscopy based on vibrational spectroscopy

 New revolutionary processes of energy harvesting: Professor Andrea Fratalocchi

  1. Nanomaterials for energy
  2. Optical sorting of bio molecular matter
  3. Artificial intelligent photonics
  4. 3D Holographic flexible displays
  5. Optical neurocomputers

 Energy-conversion phenomena: Professor Kazuhiro Ohkawa

  1. Overflow current in quantum-well-structures
  2. Optical-electrochemical study on a photo-electrode system
  3. Study on semiconductor/oxide interface phenomena
  4. Simulation of semiconductor/oxide superlattices

Semiconductor lasers and photonic integrated circuits: Professor Boon S.Ooi

  1. Group-III Nitride Nanowire UVLEDs on Metal
  2. Solar Hydrogen Fuel Generation
  3. Underwater Optical Wireless Communications

Photonics communication science and technology: Professor Mohamed-Slim Alouini

  1. Free space optical communication systems
  2. Li-Fi systems & networks
  3. Ultra-violet communication systems
  4. Visible light communications
  5. High bitrate underwater communications

Semiconductors for photonics: Professor Xiaohang Li

  1. Fabrication of high performance LED and laser
  2. Characterization of emerging semiconductor materials
  3. Cutting-edge compound semiconductor LEDs and lasers.
  4. Fundamental semiconductor studies