In 2015, an extensive archaeological programme led by the French Ministry of Culture and the University of Montpellier set up a scientific collaboration with Khaled Nabil Salama, Professor from CEMSE Division and co-worker Professor Christian R. Voolstra, from the KAUST Red Sea Research Center, in partnership with Stanford University and Meka Robotics, in California, to develop Ocean One, an agile avatar that affords immediate and haptic-visual interaction – the process of recognizing objects through touch - in the ocean environment at depths greater than 50m.
"KAUST is a unique place!" said Rawan. "The university has an interdisciplinary environment that offers great opportunities both at academic and social level. Working at KAUST has made possible improving my professional skills while raising a family, a mission impossible for most women out there."
From DNA sequencing to environment monitoring, microfluidics devices have been broadly employed, but their production is more and more time-consuming and expensive. Researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, have developed an innovative prototyping method for Lab on a Chip (LOC) production to plummet costs while augmenting performances.
With the latest project on Digital Chaos Systems, KAUST's Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Khaled Salama and the Sensors-Lab's team ( secured stunning achievements and three key patents, opening new frontiers for cybersecurity, cryptography, and electronic devices.