Creating Cognitive Enterprises Through Decision Intelligence

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It is difficult to predict the future, but ultimately, what matters is creating the future we want to live in. Our past and present are the product of our previous decisions. The decisions we make today will pave the way for the future. It is important that the right decision is made at the right time leading to the right outcome, paving the way towards the desired future. We envision a world where enterprises achieve their desired future through decision-intelligence, where the human and the machine synergistically collaborate, creating a self-driven, self-deciding entity that conducts its functions with the highest accuracy, efficiency, and speed and in doing so, transforming the enterprise into a cognitive enterprise.

Brief Biography

Anas Alfaris, PhD

Alfaris is currently the co-founder and CEO of Intelmatix, a leading deep-tech Artificial Intelligence company with a global presence in Riyadh, London, and Boston. Alfaris is the Chairman of Saudi Arabia's Science20 (S20) in the G20 and a member of UNESCO’s International Scientific Board. Alfaris was previously President of the Saudi National Labs and National Science Agency, namely KACST. He has also been Chairman and Board Member of many national and international institutions and organizations.

Alfaris is also the Founding Director of Riyadh’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Center with the World Economic Forum. He also founded the Joint Centers of Excellence Program with leading institutions such as Stanford, Oxford, and MIT among others. Furthermore, he is the Founding Director of the Center for Complex Engineering Systems with MIT as well as the Decision Support Center with Boeing. He was also an affiliate Professor with MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems and Society. Before that, he was a member of the Strategic Engineering Group and the Smart Cities Group at MIT’s Media Lab.

Alfaris received an MSc degree from the Center of Computational Engineering and a Ph.D. in Design Computation from MIT. He has published widely and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and events.

Ahmad Alabdulkareem, PhD

Alabdulkareem is currently the Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Intelmatix. His career includes multiple notable positions such as the Director of the Center for Complex Systems, an R&D lab at MIT and KACST. Additionally, he led the Smart City and AI projects at the World Economic Forum-affiliated center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR).

Ahmad's expertise extends globally, as he has been a member of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance Working Group and served as the Lead of the AI group at the S20 for the G20. With extensive experience as an expert AI scientist, Ahmad has consulted for various companies, including PIF portfolio companies as well as Silicon Valley startups, where he provided invaluable guidance and insights in the field of artificial intelligence.

His technical proficiencies encompass AI, ML, Deep Learning, RL, Transfer Learning, Generative Models, Time-series, CV, NLP, Network Science & Graph Theory, Statistical Inference and Causation Modeling, Complex Computational Modeling and Simulation.

Ahmad's academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Computational Science & Engineering from MIT as well as an M.S. in Computer Science from KAUST.

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