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As a fast-growing program, we constantly look for exceptional researchers to join EE as faculty. We are having a webinar at 6pm GMT/2pm US EST/11am US PST on May 9 Saturday to introduce the EE program and KAUST. Candidates at all levels are welcome including senior PhD students, postdocs, and research scientists. 

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Time: 6pm GMT/2pm US EST/11am US PST on May 9 Saturday


KAUST EE openings:

================= More info about KAUST=================

The KAUST story is a remarkable one. Founded in 2009 with a substantial endowment, KAUST was created as a model for international academic innovation & research excellence, and an active contributor to the economic development of Saudi Arabia. KAUST, a private English-language graduate research university, is purposefully small and focused, and is home to a set of world-class faculty, scientists, engineers, and students from over 110 different nationalities. In addition to benefiting from unparalleled research support including strong baseline funding and lab support.

The University has traditionally focused its research and associated economic development ambitions across four key thrusts: water, food, energy, and the environment. Now in its eleventh year, KAUST is launching initiatives in Digital, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Robotics, Health and other emerging frontiers. We are currently seeking faculty candidates who want to create impact beyond their own achievements. We look for "people of the world" who will uphold our values of Achievement, Passion, Inspiration, Citizenship, Diversity, Integrity and Openness.  

In the last decade, the University has already achieved several significant milestones. It has been ranked as the world's #1 university in citations per faculty by QS World University Rankings for 5 years in a row, and #3 and #4 for International faculty and students respectively. According to the normalized 2019 Nature Index rankings,

KAUST globally ranked #18 and #2 for World rising stars. One should also mention the recent a3 World University ranking, where KAUST is ranked #1 for institutions under 20 years of age, #3 for institutions under 30 years of age, and #6 for institutions under 50 years of age. 

The EE program at KAUST is recognized for its vibrant research programs and collaborative environment. EE core research competencies in energy efficiency, nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, sensors, as well as communications, computer vision, and cyber-physical systems, are strongly supported by KAUST’s international research collaboration network and KAUST’s advanced research facilities such as the Nanofabrication, the Imaging and Characterization, and the Supercomputing Core Facilities.

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