Nanofabrication High Temperature MOCVD Microscope and Imaging

One of the most compelling reasons of coming to KAUST is that we have built truly world-leading facilities for scientific and engineering research. Some of the facilities include nanofabrication, supercomputer, and characterization tools related to wide bandgap semiconductor research. In addition, those facilities are supported and maintained by excellent and experienced scientists and technicians to make full use.  

In our lab, we have three different state-of-the-art MOCVD reactors for III-nitride and III-oxide research, with temperatures up to 1700 oC. We also have a very high power excimer laser and other semiconductor characterization tools.

For more specific information, please contact Prof Xiaohang Li.  

Xiaohang Li
The wide bandgap semiconductor has been revolutionizing the human society in numerous aspects, including energy, food, water, environment, and information. Our research aims to investigate fundamental science and create more cutting-edge technologies for a better world and future.
Xiaohang Li, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering