Our group is dedicated to innovating growth, fabrication and physics of the 3rd-generation (wide bandgap) semiconductor for cutting-edge devices. Our research activities are highly interdisciplinary. They involve electrical engineering, applied physics, material science, chemical engineering, computer science, and other related disciplines. Many of our research works are world-leading and pioneering and have been highlighted in top journals and technical media around the world.

The devices of particular interest include laser, LED, power devices, solar cells, and sensors, etc. Because of the excellent properties of III-nitrides, these devices are expected to become the enabling technologies to revolutionize energy, communication, biochemical, biomedical, and data storage industries and many others. In addition, those devices share highly similar experimental and simulation platforms. This allows us to achieve breakthroughs efficiently.

Below are a few examples of our current and past exciting research activities. The PDF files of the publications are on the "Publications" webpage.

1. Fundamental studies of epitaxial process and material properties


2. Thermodynamic studies of III-nitride semiconductors


3. Theoretical and experimental investigations of novel materials


4. Engineering of strain field in nanostructures


5. Demonstration of high-performance UV LED


6. High-quality AlN epitaxy


7. Demonstration of state-of-the-art deep UV thin-film laser


8. Light extraction of LED and OLED