Works Featured in Media

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  15. Faculty Focus: Xiaohang Li,” KAUST News                                                                                                      
  16. KAUST Team Reveals Thermodynamic Disorder In GaN-based Nanowires,” Compound Semiconductor   
  17. Thermodynamic disorder in GaN-based nanowires,” Nanowerk     
  18. Researchers Simplify Fabrication Of Nanowire UV-LEDs On Silicon,” Compound Semiconductor            
  19. UV LEDs: solving the droop issue,” EE Times Europe                                                                           
  20. KAUST Team Grows Droop-Free UVLEDs On Metal/Silicon Substrate,” Compound Semiconductor        
  21. Growing thicker, more boron rich BAlN,” Compound Semiconductor        
  22. Sapphire substrates slash the cost of deep UV lasers,” Editorial of Compound Semiconductor