Xiaohang Li promoted to Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prof. Xiaohang Li with his group members.
By David Murphy

KAUST faculty member Xiaohang Li was recently promoted from the rank of Assistant Professor to Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since joining KAUST in January 2016, Li led his Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory (ASL) in making several important contributions in semiconductor research. The promotion is a confirmation of the value of his contributions to the global research community and the high esteem with which his contributions are held within KAUST.

Li and his ASL team focus on the fundamental and applied research of ultrawide and wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, devices, physics, and hardware. The ASL team aims to leverage these technologies to revolutionize the energy, communications, and health industries crucial for the sustainability of human society.​

Of his promotion, he noted: “All credit should go to current and previous 'ASLers' who have spent countless hours in tackling some of the most challenging semiconductor research issues. Also, I truly appreciate all the support I have received from colleagues, collaborators, friends, and my family. I look forward to the next exciting phase of my career.”