New CBRC High Performance Computing Cluster Operational

A new high performance computing cluster is fully operational. The KAUST Dragon Cluster consists of 15,232 compute cores, 232 processing nodes with 128 GB per node, four AMD16-core 2.3GHz AMD 6376 processors per node, 64 cores per node and six large memory nodes with 512GB of memory per node. The total storage capacity of the system is 0.5 petabytes. The system architecture and setup makes the cluster particularly suitable for applications in bioinformatics and computational biology and it is available to all researchers at KAUST.

Reflecting on these developments, Professor Vladimir Bajic, CBRC director, says: "Successful deployment of KAUST Dragon Cluster is a major milestone in KAUST's ability to perform advanced and novel research in life sciences. We are grateful for the support we received from KAUST in the completion of this complex task.”