Strube lab


Research in the ​Structural Biology & Engineering Laboratory is dedicated to elucidating the molecular basis of the function and (de)regulation of proteins central to cellular key signaling networks in plants, and animals. Investigations are based on an integrated structural biology approach that combines functional and structural data from multiple sources (small angle X-ray scattering, X-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo-EM, computational methods, biochemistry, ligand binding assays and functional analyses). Results are translated to engineer molecules with desired properties (e.g. reporters or inhibitors). Structural biology approaches are also used to enhance computational methods for functional annotation of genes (system-wide or focused).​​ 

The Laboratory has several state of the art facilities and equipment’s. Some of them are listed below:

Akta pure strube


ÄKTA pure protein purification system

Flexible and intuitive chromatography system for purification in research applications. Read more...

Freedom Evo strube


Freedom EVO-200 

Liquid handling and robotics workstation used for research and diagnostics. Read more..

Cell Disrupter strube


Continuous Flow Cell Disrupter

High pressure cell disruption equipment used for ​protein characterisation and functional studies of cellular processes. Read more...

Monolith NT.115 strube


Monolith NT.115 

System used to measure binding affinities in solution and Microscale Thermophorasis. Read more...



Biacore T200 

Biacore T200 is a versatile system for high-quality characterization of molecular interactions, all the way from research to discovery and quality control. Read more...

Nano ITC strube


Nano ITC

​ISO Thermal Titration Calorimeter to measure Biomolecular Stability And Interactions. Read more...

For more information please visit Structural Biology and Engineering (StruBE) Lab website