You will be briefed on the project by the assigned KAUST faculty advisor at the beginning of the program. 

Examples of Research Projects Offered in Microelectronics 2022:

The consumption of honey has increased manifolds in the last few decades that has led to various adulteration practices. Presently, honey is amongst the top three most adulterated food items worldwide. Honey adulterants are substances that are added to pure honey to increase its quantity such as cheap sugar, commercial syrups, etc.

In research laboratories, new photovoltaic materials are monitored over long periods of time under constant light illumination to test their stability. However, in the real-world, constant illumination does not occur as the earth rotates around the sun giving diurnal light cycles.

With climate change becoming a certainty in the short to medium term, controlled environment agriculture will play a larger role in the production of fruit and vegetables. In such greenhouses, being able to monitor and control the environment is of upmost importance to best optimise the plants’ growth. One such parameter is the “Vapour-pressure deficit” (VPD) of the environment.